Responsibilities | Absolute Return

Managed Futures are a specialized fund strategy which trades derivatives in all major asset classes (equity, fixed income, commodities, FX, etc.) mainly through quantitative driven approaches. Managed Futures show the following positive features:

  • The market of Managed Futures exceeds 250 bln USD with an annual growth of 15%-20% (Source: Barclay HF)
  • Managed Futures show a weak anti-correlation to the equity markets, i.e. are optimal as part of a long only equity portfolio (Source: Barclay HF)
  • Managed Futures generate a constant return
  • For the last 30 years Managed Futures showed a very attractive risk/return profile (6.4% p.a. net return / 11.8% annualized volatility) (Source: DJ CS (Broad) CTA Index)
  • Max draw down periods are short and small compared to major equity markets (Source: DJIA)
  • Managed Futures are highly diversified and are typically invested in 50-100 futures markets worldwide

The GA Managed Futures solution comprises a set of proprietary futures strategies. The approaches are quantitative in nature and identify with the help of stochastic methods rising and falling markets on different time periods in liquid futures markets worldwide.

The competitive edge of GA Managed Futures can be summarized as follows:

  • higher prediction rate of trends
  • optimal portfolio diversification at any point of time (“risk parity”)
  • best execution (min. slippage and market impact)

Only highly liquid, listed futures markets are considered for trading. We currently monitor 114 futures markets for liquidity, spread and market data.