Company | Mission Statement

GA Asset Management was established to pursue the development of investment strategies based on sophisticated quantitative analysis and modeling of capital market characteristics.

The company has a strong focus on the systematic examination of financial data from international markets at different temporal granularity.

Our investment ideas are entirely rule-based and undergo a clearly defined process. In this process we examine which models represent the underlying effects in an optimal way and assess the models’ predictive capability.

Once we are convinced of the superior quality of an investment strategy, it becomes a building block for the construction of lightweight and cost-efficient investment solutions.

In addition to our focus on research, we consider it a critical element of our work to create sustainable added value beyond a single investment strategy. It is our belief that best results overall are achieved through a commitment to long-term objectives and maximum transparency.

Our mission is to provide scientifically researched and reliable risk-controlled investment strategies, to set up those strategies in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, and, thereby, to create lasting value.